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Destinations to love: ALASKA





Holly Reynolds Lee, Owner

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Holly Reynolds Lee has expertly arranged travel for our family members for more than a decade. Her sensitive insight and anticipation of travel details and challenges--particularly for international itineraries--has been incredibly helpful. Over the years, I have advised numerous colleagues that I would send my children and family literally anywhere in the world under Holly's care and have, in fact, done so! I do not hesitate to offer that same advice today.

M. Umhau


Holly is a phenomenal travel agent who will make traveling much more relaxing for you from the start of planning to the end of the actual trip. Each year, she plans over 60 trips for my business plus all my personal/family trips AND does so with an amazing track record of success. When blips occur in air travel, she is on top of the situation getting everything taken care of within minutes. You will love working with Holly!!

Mike Domitrz


I have to tell you about my friend and travel agent Holly Reynolds Lee! She put my Iceland trip together. I told her I wanted to go on an adventure and the type of things I wanted to do and she put together an epic trip! I didn't make it easy 😊. My itinerary included going inside a volcano, ATV in the midnight sun, white water rafting in the Golden Circle, horseback riding and caving, ice climbing, hiking and kayaking and the Blue Lagoon. I was supposed to stay in 4 different hotels because the activities were in different regions. She recommended I get travel insurance since it was such a big trip and I had some high-risk activities. Good thing I took her advice 😉. Holly made the itinerary and coordinated everything from flights to hotels to car rentals and bus fares to tours. But she didn't stop there. She helped me out even while I was on my vacation. My flight was delayed and I missed the volcano tour (yeah I hit the ground running) and she helped me to catch the afternoon tour. Then I hurt my ankle and she communicated with the booking agency to cancel a couple of tours and hotel and car rental. And she helped me with filing the travel insurance claim for the hospital visit and unused tours and hotel and car rental. She is absolutely fantastic and didn't leave me hanging after getting all the reservations together. She was available to assist me during and after my trip.

So if you are looking for a travel agent that can put together a fun trip anywhere in the world...look no further! Holly Reynolds Lee is the best! Thanks Holly! Even though I got hurt, it was still an amazing vacation!

A. Burton


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